Dr. Capoeira: Wrist Injuries

Here’s a new posting by our very own Dr. Capoeira!  All about how to protect your wrists – and essential part of your capoeira game:

“The wrist, like the elbow and shoulder, is another joint we depend on for adding that extra axe to the Capoeira game.  We use our wrists for stability during queda de rins, aus, bananeira–essentially all floor movements performed in a benguela roda.  I think any Capoeirista would confess to a little bit of pain or at least soreness in the wrists after doing repetitions of queda de rins, or crossing the floor in bananeira (as my Profesor often makes us do in class!).  The trick is to recognize the symptoms and signs of a wrist injury that is more worrisome than just a minor strain or sprain.  Certain wrist injuries may cause serious problems down the line for you if not appropriately addressed.  I’ll focus the discussion of acute injuries on issues that you may not seek immediate medical treatment for, but that may cause you significant pain or disability down the line if you don’t see a physician or other qualified medical professional for diagnosis and management.  The second part of the discussion, as per the usual format, will focus on injuries that cause repetitive, recurrent, or chronic pains that interfere with your game.”