Dr. Capoeira: Elbow Injuries pt.1

Dr. Capoeira strikes again, this time talking in depth about elbow injuries and the best way to minimize any problems during your Capoeira game.  Read more here:

“For the past week or so, my right elbow’s been bothering me while training-no specific moment I can remember when I injured it, not even sure I did it while playing Capoeira-but I do know that every time I bring my game to the ground for a queda de rins or even something as simple as a finta de apanhada, troca, e role, I feel a little more tentative than usual as I plant my hand on the floor and let the weight of my body transmit up to the elbow.   I know many Capoeiristas train through injuries like this:  ignoring that nagging feeling that something is wrong- not wrong enough to stop you from training, but enough to prevent you from the playing the game you want to play.  This month, we’ll discuss elbow injuries, both acute and subacute-to-chronic.  In part I, we’ll discuss basics of anatomy as well as recognition and management of some important acute conditions.  In Part II, I’ll give you an anatomic approach to the diagnosis of long-standing injuries.  I’ll also touch on some basics of rehabilitation and injury prevention.”