We are taking precautions in order to keep our community safe while training.

All instructors and students will be required to sign the new waiver which includes a COVID-19 addendum agreeing to the following Capoeira Brasil San Francisco guidelines:

  1. All instructors and students must show proof of vaccination to train indoors.
  2. All instructors and students must wear masks in all indoor spaces of the training facility.
  3. All instructors and students must wash their hands before entering the hard-wood training area.
  4. All parents of students must drop off students at the door, and may not wait inside the space during the class time.
  5. If exposed, an instructor or student must return with a negative test, dated at least 7 days after the known exposure.
  6. If tested positive with COVID-19, an instructor or student must receive a negative test before returning to train.
  7. Any instructor or student who has trained within a 14 day period prior to a positive COVID-19 test or after a known exposure will notify a GCBSF instructor and consents to sharing the information with the group (anonymously if preferred).

Grupo Capoeira Brasil San Francisco will take the following measures when training indoors to help keep us safe!

  1. During the Omicron surge we recommend students and instructors specifically use N95 masks and receive their booster shot if they have not yet done so already.
  2. We will keep windows open and utilize fans to maximize ventilation.
  3. We will clean the floors and disinfect high-touch surfaces and equipment after each training.
  4. Hand sanitizer and sink with soap will be available.
  5. We will continue to follow the CDC, California, and San Francisco COVID-19 recommendations and protocols and monitor for best practices under the continuing global pandemic.