Monitor Cebolinha tackles injuries of the shoulder. Part 1

Monitor Cebolinha’s 2nd installment in the Roda Magazine Series on Capoeira Injuries. This time he tackles injuries of the shoulder. Note the excellent shoulder modeling by our student, Siri!

“About a year ago, I dealt with my first shoulder injury from Capoeira.  Though I couldn’t quite put my finger on the moment of injury, I imagine it was related to the repetitive stress of reloginhos, queda de rins, and canarinhos.  Having an injured shoulder can be a serious impairment to your game, as it limits your ability to perform many of the floor movements that add style and grace to a good Benguela or Angola game.  In this month’s article, I’ll discuss the different categories of shoulder injuries, when to seek medical care, and some simple rehabilitation exercises you can begin at home to fix that chronic or recurrent shoulder problem.”

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